The Royals and their Engagement Rings

The Royals and their Engagement Rings

Recently we have seen in the news that Prince Harry designed the engagement ring for Meghan full of Sentiment. The main stone of the ring was sourced from Botswana, the country of their first holiday alone together.

Harry said the ring also includes two diamonds from his mother Princess Diana’s private collection ”to make sure she’s with us on this crazy journey together”.

Prince Harry has not been the only Royal inspired by the sentiment of heirloom jewellery. The Duke of Edinburgh designed the Queens engagement ring using diamonds from a tiara belonging to his mother. The Queen has continued to wear this ring every day.


Prince William proposed to Catherine with his mother’s Sapphire and Diamond engagement ring.



Britain’s future king, Prince Charles presented the Duchess of Cornwall with a unique Art Deco ring featuring a huge square cut diamond flanked by 3 diamonds on each shoulder, given originally to his beloved grandmother, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, in 1926 on the birth of her daughter Queen Elizebeth by her husband King George VI.


The most valuable jewels are those which hold the greatest sentiment.


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